9 Thoughtful Gift Ideas For Your Favorite Traveler

February 6, 2019


Impress your sweetheart this Valentine's Day with something other than chocolates and flowers. 


1. Airbnb Gift Card: A gift card isn't impersonal if the money on it goes toward something the receiver really wants — and almost anyone who likes to travel uses Airbnb now and again. Plus, it may be a great excuse for someone to book a spontaneous trip or help cover some of the costs of a trip that's already in the planning stages. As an added bonus, unlike most other gift cards the Airbnb card never expires. (Interested in possibly renting your own Airbnb, but don't know where to get started? Here are three tips on finding the right one.)


2. Airline Miles: Help your favorite traveler get a few (thousand) miles closer to her next big adventure by gifting her frequent flyer miles. Most major airlines offer the option to buy miles on their websites and will frequently offer deals for discounted miles. And, if you've racked up a ton of airline miles that you'll never use you can even transfer miles to someone else.

3. Bindle Bottle ($39): This basically does the same thing as a Yeti — but better — because not only does it keep your drink cold/warm for hours, it also has a secret storage compartment on the bottom that twists open and can hold everything from keys and cash to headphones and snack bars. It's the ideal water bottle to throw in a carry-on while traveling. The Bindle comes in several colors including coral, teal, silver, and black. 

Bindle bottle


4. Blue Light Glasses ($29.95) I'm always on the computer writing articles, editing photos from a recent trip, or scheduling social media posts, which takes a huge toll on my eyes and I'll often end up with headaches from looking at a screen too long. Recently my Dad surprised me with a pair of blue light glasses and they have honestly made a world of difference. I no longer get the weird feelings that come along with too much screen time like the feeling of being tired even when I'm not and the annoying, dull headaches. These will come in handy during the many hours spent on the computer planning a trip and frequent flyers can use these while watching movies on long-haul/overnight flights or while editing their own travel photos and posting online. 


The Angelou blue light glasses


5. Lo & Sons Claremont Camera Bag ($300) I'd been wanting this beautiful leather bag for a long time, because it was specifically designed for DSLR cameras, but looks like a crossbody bag instead of the typical bulky camera bag I lug around. The Claremont has internal padding that's perfect for protecting a camera while traveling, pockets for multiple SD cards, and enough room for a couple of lenses as well as a phone and slim wallet. It's a high-quality piece I carry almost every day now even without my camera gear.

Lo & Sons Claremont Camera Bag in Sienna


6. Madewell Transport Carryall ($188): If you've been following Southern Departure for awhile then you know about my love affair with Madewell totes. I've been carrying one for years and have yet to find another carry-on that I like better. (Admittedly, I have a few of them in different sizes and colors.) They're made out of beautiful, quality leather, have plenty of room to fit all sorts of items from laptops to travel blankets, and comfortable straps. I've written an entire post on the importance of having a decent carry-on and how it can dramatically improve your flying experience, plus, a list of qualities you should look for in your next carry-on. 

Madewell Transport Carryall


7. Mark & Graham The Commute Clutch ($99 - $129) Keep everything all in one place with this handy leather clutch, which holds all sorts of gadgets and goodies like cords, cables, credit cards, small electronic devices, and a power bank. For easy access to any items needed inflight throw it in a carry-on. The clutch comes in two sizes and several colors. 

Mark & Graham The Commute Clutch


8. Mark & Graham Travel Jewelry Case ($89) This travel case is perfect keeping important pieces of jewelry safe, organized, and untangled while on the road. Have the case monogramed for an added touch.  


Mark & Graham Travel Jewelry Case


9. Pinch Provisions Travel Kit ($29) It can be difficult to remember to pack everything for a trip — especially little necessities like tooth paste or deodorant. The Pinch Travel Kit includes all sorts of TSA-approved goods, including toothpaste, hand lotion, a set of earbuds (I've forgotten mine on a flight before and still cringe because I had to pay $24 for a crappy replacement pair at the airport), eye mask, wrinkle remover (for your clothes, not your eyes ladies), lip balm, deodorant wipes, nail clippers, stain remover, and more. This is not only a great gift or stocking stuffer, but something extremely useful you can always purchase for yourself. I suggest having one in a carry-on at all times. 

Pinch Provisions Travel Kit


Looking for more gift ideas? Here are 21 items that I won't travel without and beauty/skincare products perfect for any trip


Tip: I use Ebates for all my online purchases and have already gotten almost $100 back on items I've ordered. It works on a lot of major stores. Sign up here and get a $10 sign up bonus. 

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