How To Spend A Day On A Private Island With Flamingos

July 18, 2018

Of all the experiences I've had and places I've visited there's one in particular that everyone always wants to know more about — Flamingo Beach. And I totally get it! There aren't many places where you can spend the day frolicking with flamingos on a private island. So, here's everything you need to know about Flamingo Beach. 

What Is It:


Flamingo Beach is an adults-only beach that's part of the Renaissance Aruba Resort & Casino's 40-acre private island — Aruba's only private island. It's home to 10 flamingos that roam up and down the beach interacting with beach-goers. 

 One of the flamingos taking a dip.


How To Get There:


There are only three ways to get access to the exclusive beach — you have to either be a guest staying at the Renaissance, schedule an island cove massage with the hotel's Okeanos Spa, or you can purchase an island day pass for $99. Day passes and spa treatments include access to the island, a ticket for a beach towel, float, and one frozen drink. To avoid overcrowding on the island day passes are not available when the hotel is completely full.  Since I typically stay at an Airbnb (here are three tips to finding the perfect Airbnb) while I'm in Aruba, I always book a massage through Ren Aruba's Okeanos Spa to guarantee I have access to the island — just in case day passes are sold out while I'm visiting. I never want to take the chance of not being able to go and even plan to stay at the Ren Aruba on my next trip to get the full resort experience.


Once you have access to the island you'll have to catch a water taxi from the hotel's lobby to get there. Water taxis leave every 15 minutes starting at 7 a.m. and going until 7 p.m. The ride from the lobby to the private island is only about eight minutes long and incredibly scenic. 

 One of the water taxis pulling up to the island. 

What To Expect Once You're There:


Plan to spend the entire day on the island. There's plenty to do between soaking up the sun, playing with flamingos, and snorkeling. 

Flamingo Beach makes up half of the private island and is a tropical oasis with soft, white sand, lots of lounge chairs, and even a few hidden overwater hammocks to enjoy. If you like to snorkel or dive there's two submerged planes, a sunken boat, and harbor reef to explore within a few hundred yards of the shore. 

 The epitome of tranquility. 


As for the main attraction — the resident flamingos are definitely worth all the fuss. They're completely mesmerizing!  While the island is home to 10 flamingos there are typically only 6 out at a time for people to mingle with. The pink beauties will meander up and down the shoreline all day, ready to pose for a picture or two between dips in the water.

 If you want to feed them there are a few gum ball machines full of flamingo food near the beach, so bring plenty of quarters. They're extremely used to people and will eat right out of your hands.


The other side of the island is known as Iguana Beach, which is family-friendly and just as beautiful as Flamingo Beach. There, you'll also find plenty of comfortable lounge chairs, tiki umbrellas for shade, beachtennis courts, and of course, plenty of iguanas running around — but don't worry they're harmless. 

 Iguana Beach 

There are two beach bars on the island that serve up delicious food and drinks, so you won't have to worry about packing food for the trip. The bartenders at the Mangrove Beach Bar make the best cocktails in Aruba — IMHO — and I highly recommend the pizzas from Papagyo Bar & Grill. 

Mangrove Beach Bar 


Just in case you forget your sunscreen or want to purchase a souvenir from the island, there's Red Sail Sports retail store that carries everything from sun glasses and bathing suits to snorkel gear and underwater cameras. You can also rent paddleboats and kayaks for the day at the shop. 


I can't stress this enough, if there's one thing you do while you're in Aruba, it should be Flamingo Beach. It's absolutely enchanting and WILL be the highlight of your entire trip. 


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