How To Save Money On Flights & Score Unbelievable Airfare Deals

January 5, 2019


If you're like me and want to travel as much as humanly — and financially — possible then you know how helpful it can be to save a few bucks here and there while planning a trip. Every dollar you save on one trip is more money to put toward your next adventure or experience. I recently wrote about ways to find an Airbnb, which is an easy way to save money when it comes to accommodations. You can read about it here. Luckily, there are also a few ways to save when it comes to flights.


You've probably used the typical flight deal sites that everyone uses like Airfare Watch Dog and Kayak, but there are even better sites to use that have been designed to scour the internet for the hard to find deals that can save you hundreds of dollars whether you're flying domestically or internationally. I've highlighted a few of those sites below, plus, a few other tricks that can save money on flights. 


Fare Deal Alert


While Fare Deal Alert doesn't send out deals for every major city, I like it because it focuses on mid-size cities that typically get skipped over when it comes to cheap airfare deals like Kansas City and Charlotte. You can sign up to receive deals for the airport nearest you and I love that each of the listings show the exact price for a round trip flight including all taxes, so there are no surprises when you get to the payment screen. 

 A sample look at some of the incredible deals you'll find on Fare Deal Alert.




If you've got a destination in mind but haven't chosen a time to go download the Hopper app on your phone. The app lets you put in your home airport and the destinations you're interested in and will keep you updated on when flight prices fluctuate. Hopper will tell you when it's the right time to buy a flight at its lowest rate and when to wait for a lower price. I have several bachelorette parties coming up and have been using the app to gauge when to buy each of my flights, so far Hopper has been spot on every time.


Scott's Cheap Flights


Scott's Cheap Flights is the holy grail for finding unbelievable flight deals. The team of experts behind this genius concept have been trained to scrub the internet to find insanely low airfare deals that have saved travelers up to 90% off a flight. They're also known for discovering those extremely rare airline mistakes where a flight will cost $40 instead of $400 that I always dream of scoring, but never do. Getting started is as simple as signing up and entering in your departure airport. From there the experts will do all the hard work. Once Scott's team finds an exceptional deal on a flight from your chosen city they'll walk you through the exact steps to book your flight for that low price. And, if you sign up to become a premium member for $39/yr you'll get even more incentives like being the first to find out about those unicorn mistake deals before the glitch is fixed and they disappear. 



Low Cost Air Carriers 


Low cost air carriers are also always worth looking into — especially if you just want to go on a quick trip. You can typically find round trip flights on a low cost airline for $100 or less. However, there are a few catches to these almost too good to be true prices. Most low cost carriers have very limited routes to choose from and they can nickel and dime you on things like luggage, picking a seat, and in-flight snacks. 


I've flown on Allegiant Airlines several times for under $80 round trip and they provide limited services in several cities across the country. Frontier is another low cost airline that's worth checking out with one way trips as low as $23! Plus, unlike a lot of other airlines, Frontier runs weekly discounts on flights making them even more affordable if you book at the right time. 


Credit Cards


These days most credit cards offer major incentives for signing up — and a lot of those free incentives can be travel related based on the card you choose, which is great news for those of us who like to save money on flights.  I personally use the Citi Advantage card that's linked with American Airlines. When I signed up I not only got $100 off the next flight I booked, but I also received 40,000 points to use toward another flight, which I just recently used to fly to Game 1 of the World Series in Boston for FREE. (What's even more insane about the flight being free is that I only booked it five hours before flying out and my points still worked.)  Another card that a lot of my family and friends swear by is the Capital One Venture card, which offers 50,000 bonus miles and no blackout dates. Honestly there are a lot of cards out there with outstanding incentives and The Points Guy is an incredible resource to use when it comes to finding a credit card with travel incentives that's perfect for your lifestyle and travel needs.


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