Apps That Help Make Managing The Photos On Your Phone Easier

July 25, 2018


If you're like me then you have waaaaaay too many photos on your phone's camera roll that you aren't quite ready to part with just yet. There's nothing wrong with it — I'm right up there with the best photo hoarders — but having all those photos on your phone starts to eat up a lot of storage space after awhile. To cut down the photo clutter on my phone I've turned to two reliable apps to help keep my excessive amount of photos organized and stored properly.


Google Photos App: 


 I'm always running out of space on my phone, especially when I am on a trip and taking a ton of pictures. And there's nothing worse than not being able to get a shot of something, because an annoying storage error pops up. Unfortunately, we've all been there. Luckily, I recently discovered the magic of the Google Photos app — a free app that automatically downloads all the photos from my camera roll every time I open the app. It also permanently stores the photos, which allows me to delete them from my phone, completely freeing up space for more pictures. The best part is that if I need a photo to post on social media or want to show someone something once I've deleted the pictures off my phone, I just have to open Google Photos and they're all right there. The app displays the photos exactly like they'd be in my camera roll, making it easy to scroll through. It will also automatically group photos by certain features like location or subject, so you can quickly search for photos in a pinch.



No matter what I'm shooting I take multiple shots of everything — whether it's a landscape, person, place or thing — just to make sure I get the exact shot I want. While it's great in theory, because I get some pretty cool shots, it also leaves me with a lot of photos that look almost exactly the same except for subtle differences. Since I don't need to keep 1,000 shots of the same beach or palm tree, I use the Cleen app to quickly get through the daunting task of cleaning out my phone's camera roll by just swiping up or down. Swiping up allows me to keep the photos that truly stand out among the rest, while swiping down deletes all the extra photos I don't need to keep. And when I'm stuck deciding between two photos, I can swipe to the side to put those photos in a 'later' folder where I can go to critique them later on without slowing down my process or getting off track. I love the efficiency of Cleen and how much time it saves me when I have to sort through thousands of photos at a time.


Now that you've got your photos cleaned out and organized, here are a few tricks to help take your travel photography to the next level. 

 Read on for the four pieces of equipment that you need to start taking pictures underwater.

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